Evangelism Ministry

Going out into the highways and by ways preaching,teaching and reaching our brothers and sisters for the building up the kingdom of God.

Childrens Ministry

Teaching and reaching our children with the word and Love of God to impact the community that they live and that we share.

Wow-Woman of Wisdom Ministry

Sister to Sister,when you need someone to talk to, who will listen, and then Love you ,Hope with you and praise God for you.

I U & ME

Inspire, Uplift, Motivate, and Encourage Our young adults,Pre-Teens,with the scriptures of the Holy Bible...Psalm 119:9 How can a young person keep his way pure? By living according to your word.

Mop- Men of Purpose Ministry

Young Men,Middle aged,and seasoned aged Men coming together for the cause of Jesus Christ,and sharing of issues that  men find themselves coming against,with answers from the word of God (The Holy Bible). And seeking Christ Jesus for the purpose. He's called them to.