Leadership & Staff

Pastors, Kent & Renee Hayes
has broken the stereotype of yesterday's (minister, clergyman, preacher) They're leaders of a new breed of ministers who embrace the idea of capitalizing on the increasing marketplace of the internet and technological innovations to spread the unadulterated gospel of Jesus with boldness.

They are known for teaching God's word in a fresh practical and revelatory way that always unveil Jesus. They are dedicated to creating and providing programs, resources and services to help the less fortunate. They are resolutely committed to unconditional outreach and leads the cultural diverse congregation of Highest Praise Church of Irving with Integrity and Excellence. Members are challenged to live at the next level through Pastors, Kent & Renee Hayes brilliant illumination of the word of God and Dynamic delivery.

Pastor, Kent Hayes is privileged and honored to be married to First Lady, Renee Hayes who has earned her Bachelor's degree from Dallas Baptist University and has earned her Master's degree, she works for Irving Independent School district / Uplift Education and is the youth pastor/ Co- Pastor and they have 3 of God's Wonderful, Awesome, and Adorable son's Christopher, Cameron, and Cayden, whom they Dearly Love.

Mrs. Brenda G. Green , Elder.
Seasoned woman of God, mother of five children whom she groomed in the church, but had to find their own way, but it didn't keep her from her own personal relationship with the Lord. Elder, Green is the associate pastor of Highest Praise Church of Irving. She teaches Bible Study during mid-week and Sunday School, also she gets many opportunities to minister during Sunday morning worship. To sum her up, Shes a woman who love the Lord! And don't mind praising Him.